A Connected TV (CTV) is a television-linked or integrated device designed to facilitate the streaming of video content.
The surge of CTV and OTT has sparked the trend termed “cord-cutting,” where customers increasingly opt to cancel conventional cable subscriptions in favor of utilizing streaming or Video on Demand (VOD) services.

zeta ctv

The same way ZETA is targeting users through their online behaviour,
so it does through their behaviour on connected TVs.

Depending on the different movies/programms the users watches it generates
the same «scored model attributes» as it does for the website navigation behaviour.

Once data are at hands, Zeta is then able to understand
which is the best user for that specific ad.

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Traditional DSP’s work with a LOOK-A-LIKE method

The issue of setting an «ideal target» is that it leaves out a big part of users that may be interested in that product but are not part of the «ideal target»

Identifies approximately 67% of users

Quality audiences + Premium supply

Premium Publishers
Maximum Performance, Brand Safety, And Unparalleled Reach & Engagement.
Get Your Brand In Front Of The Right Audience With Pre And Mid Roll Videos


Daily opportunities


Unique devices




Day time - Night time

Creative automatically adjust based on time of day

Bring the brand’s social content to the largest screens in homes and amaze with highly customizable and impactful display formats.

Create stunning creative formats, generated instantly from social posts.
The look, feel and experience of social media on CTV.
Extensive format creative customization options.
Real-time social metadata (likes, views, etc.)
Impressive viewer experience

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